How to draw Rudolph

Learn How to draw Rudolph Quickly & Easily!

This is quite a simple sketch that you’ll be able to create even if you don’t have any skills in drawing. In the how to draw Rudolph tutorial, I colored it using the most basic brushes in Photoshop (00 min 30 sec). Yep, nothing too complex; still, the final result looks really cool and you’ll learn a thing or two along the way. As for the brushes, you can change the opacity/flow settings.

Once you get the hang of it all, you’ll find yourself drawing and coloring like a real pro. It’s going to take some getting used to, but the basics that we’ll study today will be a great start for your future masterpieces. There’s no point in me going into details because this is an intuitive thing and you’ll be better off watching the video and learning how to draw Rudolph.

You’ll only need four colors for this tutorial: brown for most of the drawing, black for the eyes, red/carrot for the nose, and, of course, a lot of white for making it all look more realistic. Plus, you’ll find me constantly changing the size of the brushes to better fit certain tasks. And don’t forget about the green for the background (05 min 34 sec)! I thought I’d upload a Christmas themed drawing now that this wonderful holiday is just around the corner. Merry Christmas to all!

Before you learn how to draw Rudolph, did you know?

This Reindeer is one of Santa’s most favorite little helpers and is always on the forefront, pulling that mighty Christmas sleigh in numerous drawings, cartoons, and movies. At the same time, this guy is not even an adult and still has a red rose, which means he’s very young.

So, next time you see a TV commercial and/or a Christmas-themed animated movie, just know that Rudolph is the one depicted right next to Santa Claus. This reindeer was first introduced to the public in 1939. Since then, there have been numerous adaptations.

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