How to draw Jason Voorhees

Learn How to draw Jason Voorhees Quickly & Easily!

On the rough sketch, our character looks a bit like a robot, but that’s ok because these are just the guidelines for our clean drawing. So, if you want to learn how to draw Jason Voorhees, start with creating an oval in the top corner (00 min 38 sec). Then, split it using two lines. That way, you’ll make some pointers for the face.

The rest of the body is relatively easy and includes four tiny circles and a bunch of lines (01 min 04 sec). Use the circles to define the hands and the lines to create a rough portrait of the body. Once all those light strokes are in, switch to darker ones and let’s get to the real thing. Don’t take the rough sketch seriously and focus more on getting the proportions right rather than the curves and shapes.

We recommend beginning this stage of the how to draw Jason Voorhees tutorial with the mask (02 min 54 sec). Use the guiding lines to create a perfectly-smooth shape for the head. After that, draw the eyes (03 min 39 sec). All you’ll need for that are two circles and one curve. The man’s face is not visible behind the mask, which means we won’t need a nose or a mouth.

Just add those “ornaments” all over the mask and let’s move on. Get to the next part of the how to draw Jason Voorhees tutorial – the body – with the shirt (05 min 46 sec). Use the circle we did, in the beginning, to get the shoulders right. The legs come next (06 min 48 sec). They are pretty big and stand out, but that’s actually the idea.

They are identical, by the way. Same goes for the simplified hands (08 min 01 sec). Before saying goodbye, don’t forget to add those buttons all over his shirt (08 min 31 sec).

Before you learn how to draw Jason Voorhees, did you know?

Even if you’re not a fan of horror movies, you probably still know who Jason is. As the main antagonist of the Friday the 13th franchise, he’s been around since the 80s and is still one of the scariest bad guys on the other side of the screen.

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