How to draw Donald Duck

Learn How to draw Donald Duck Quickly & Easily!

We know that you probably want to rush things and get right to it, but unless you’re a pro artist, you’ll end up with a really bad drawing. If you want to master this how to draw Donald Duck tutorial, follow the video and create a rough sketch first. As always, start with the circle in the top corner and make your way down (00 min 37 sec).

All those additional lines that overlap with it will be helpful down the road. The body (the lower part) is significantly easier than the head (01 min 16 sec). Still, use those circles and rough lines to define the size, position, and proportions of the various elements. All good? Ok, now it’s time to learn how to draw Donald Duck. The fancy hat on top comes first (02 min 24 sec).

After that, move on to the rest of the head and carefully put all the details in (02 min 49 sec). It might prove to be tough to get the facial expression right, but you’ll get it eventually. The mouth and the nose come next (03 min 10 sec). They’re connected with each other and look like one single element. Use smooth, curvy lines for this part and make sure you get the size right.

As for the rest of the head, try to accentuate the “fluffiness”. The big, bright eyes are identical (04 min 35 sec). But the right one might appear to be bigger because of the angle. If you’re happy with the head, move on to the easiest part of this how to draw Donald Duck tutorial – the body (05 in 08 sec). The neck is made up of two vertical lines.

That medal with a ribbon on his chest is the cutest thing. Again, you’ll need to be careful and make it of the right size and position it exactly where I did (05 min 46 sec). That’s pretty much it for today’s lesson, dear friends!

Before you learn how to draw Donald Duck, did you know?

This overzealous and overachieving guy doesn’t even require an introduction. The old-school generations love and cherish him for the awesome cartoon series on the TV. Numerous folks around the world grew up following his adventures, and now you’ll get to draw him!

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