How to draw Harry Potter

Learn How to draw Harry Potter Quickly & Easily!

The evil forces are coming, and it’s up to this strong-willed and good-hearted boy to confront them. And after you learn how to draw Harry Potter, you’ll become one of the chosen ones! But you’ll have to follow our instructions carefully. So, before using a marker, grab a pencil and put some light strokes in for the rough sketch (00 min 38 sec).

The oval shape in the middle of the paper comes first. Once you’re done with it, use the classic two dividing lines (one vertical, one horizontal) to create some help for yourself further down the road (00 min 50 sec). Next, draw two identical circles for the eyes (01 min 07 sec). Those curvy and zigzaggy lines are for the hair.

Ok, now that the essential guidelines are in, we can begin (02 min 07 sec). The glasses come first. Then, use the guiding strokes to draw the ear and connect it with the classes. If you’re happy with what you’ve got so far, put the eyes into those glasses (03 min 27 sec). Make sure that the left eye is a bit covered by the glass. After you draw and color the eyebrows, move on to the nose (04 min 29 sec). It consists of three simple curves.

We’re almost done with our how to draw Harry Potter tutorial, but there are still some facial features left, not to mention the hair. Use the rough sketch to complete the lower part of the head. The mouth is as easy as the nose (04 min 54 sec). The hair is the final stage (05 min 19 sec). Just follow the video and use the guidelines to finish the drawing.

Before you learn how to draw Harry Potter, did you know?

Even if you hate fantasy and never-ever read a book or see a movie in this genre, we still bet you know this young and overachieving man. A wizard and a protector of the world, Harry was destined to be great long before he came to this earth. Kids love him, the grown-ups love him, and he always managed to break new records in both the publishing and the movie industries.

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