How To Draw A Cute Puppy Saying Sorry

Learn How to Draw A Cute Puppy Saying Sorry Quickly & Easily!

Puppies are very popular these days: we all love them and they look great pretty much everywhere. In this how to draw a cute puppy saying sorry tutorial, we’ll try to put an adorable little doggy on a piece of paper. Before we start, you’ll need to position your paper right and start drawing exactly where I did in the video to avoid any confusion.

The next step has to do with creating a rough sketch (00 min 37 sec). Take your time with it, but don’t try to make it perfect, because it is, after all, just a bunch of guidelines. That circle, along with the oval at the bottom and the series of curves symbolize the dog. As for the “Sorry” on top, it’s actually self-explanatory (01 min 38 sec).

Once that part of the how to draw a cute puppy saying sorry tutorial is done, move on to the real deal. By using regular strokes, place the dog’s eye at the exact spot as I did in the video (02 min 51 sec). It’s pretty big but easy to draw. Don’t forget about the eyebrow to accentuate the cuteness (03 min 25 sec).

The nose is just a “blob”; after that, you can go over the rough curves and shape the mouth and the head (03 min 48 sec). The ear must be of the right size; otherwise, it will grab too much attention (04 min 05 sec). The best part of this how to draw a cute puppy saying sorry manual is, of course, that heart hero is holding with its teeth (04 min 35 sec).

The body, the legs, and the tail are the easiest parts (05 min 17 sec); that is why we’ll skip right to the magical word at the top (07 min 20 sec). Start with the “S” and “hug” the rough strokes – repeat with every single letter. Don’t forget to add those tiny eyes and that sad face in the “O” before moving on to cleaning out the light strokes and coloring (08 min 57 sec).

Before you learn how to draw A Cute Puppy Saying Sorry, did you know?

Have you messed up somehow or made someone you love really upset? Draw them this super cute puppy and they’ll forgive you immediately! Without a doubt, that doggy will melt even the coldest heart out there.

Now go ahead and learn how to draw a cute puppy for yourself by following the simple steps in this video. You can (and should) try some of your own ideas, but this puppy is a tried-and-true thing – you won’t ever go wrong with it!

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Some Things To Keep In Mind…

These tutorials are only here to guide you. Your drawing does not need to look "identical" to mine.

Start with rough but light pencil strokes that you can work into the shapes you want.

Once you have your rough drawing completed, go over it in a darker stroke for your final drawing.

Add shading and/or color to complete if desired.

Using this technique you will be able to draw anything after some practice... even without following step-by-step tutorials.

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