How to draw a Campfire

Learn How To Draw A Campfire Quickly & Easily

Nothing compares to the warmth and the romantic vibes or a real get together around a fire, right? Well, in this video tutorial, we’ll try to learn how to draw a campfire in just one minute! Let’s begin with the tiniest flame in the middle of the drawing and the log just below it (00 min 05 sec). Next, create three separate lines that go to the left, right, and up to form the basic outlines for the flames (00 min 12 sec).

And now that the foundation is in place, use the lines we just made to draw the actual campfire (00 min 16 sec). The flames are sharp on the edges, and there are several levels to them. Follow my lead and try to make your drawing look exactly like mine. Once the main flames are in, go ahead and add the details (00 min 20 sec).

The final stage of this how to draw a campfire tutorial includes more flames and the logs at the very bottom (00 min 28 sec). You’ve got three logs in total and a number of stones all around them (00 min 34 sec). As for the flames, you’ll need four more of those. It shouldn’t be a hard task, especially if you did alright with the beginning of this guide. They come in different sizes, but the shape is pretty much the same (00 min 45 sec).

Before you learn how to draw A Campfire, did you know?

It’s obvious that a campfire is about more than just keeping warm and providing light. It’s about best friends getting together somewhere away from the big, noisy cities and having a great time together. You can use a campfire to cook a nice meal and share it with your buds.

Back in the day, our ancestors used fires to scare away the insects and the animals. Plus, it was a perfect beacon for the lost members of a tribe. These days, when the predators are not a threat to our kind anymore, we still love the experiences a campfire generates.

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